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MENU website is conterfeit and does not belong to - don't buy solutions from them - They are scammers



Adblue Caterpillar CAT Adem 4 Adem 5 Adem 6 SCR DPF EGR Off

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Problem CAT Caterpillar engine problem

We have unique, reliable solutions to counter the emission problems common to CAT machines. EGR valves, particulate filters and AdBlue systems generally fail, considerably reducing your machine's usability. Torque and power limitations prevent optimum performance. We can intervene on all types of CAT vehicles, and even on the latest machines equipped with ADEM 6 ECUs. Our solutions support Tier 3B, Tier 4, Tier 4F and Tier 5 standards. Below is an overview of the vehicles we frequently work on.

CAT engines supported

All CAT engines equipped with Adem 4, Adem 5 or Adem 6 ECUs.

Different brands supported

All other Caterpillar-powered machines are also supported, not just CAT vehicles. This is the case of this Metso crusher, for example.

Which components should be removed after reprogramming a CAT engine ?

Our specific programming tools with factory development rights allow us to modify all the elements of the engine system, including the following main ones

  • SCR Delete / Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • DPF Delete / Diesel Particule Filter
  • EGR Delete / Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • DEF Delete / Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • DOC Delete / Diesel Oxidation Catalyser
  • Stage 1 Increasing machine performance

What does our operation involve?

Remove all DTC related to emissions on any machine with cat engine

  • If the engine light or any error message concerning a defective emission control system component is displayed, it will be permanently deleted from the ADEM 4 ADEM 5 or ADEM 6 ECU.
  • The vehicle's torque limitation and power restriction will be eliminated.
  • Creep mode (or Limp mode) will be deactivated: the vehicle or machine will no longer be able to reduce speed.
  • You can disconnect all the components you wish on the vehicle (SCR system, EGR valve, FAP/DPF).
  • You'll no longer need to use AdBlue

R&D mode programming of the Adblue Off DPF & EGR emission control system


Engine data can be programmed directly via the manufacturer's diagnostic socket.

The ADEM ECUs fitted to CAT vehicles manage a whole range of signals which are processed by the ECU's processor. Everything is directly controlled by the ADEM engine management unit, and as soon as a value is inconsistent, it issues an engine alert, displaying a fault on the dashboard, and depending on the severity, reduces power, torque, maximum authorized speed, etc... Our job is to reprogram the entire system, while retaining the engine's functional parameters (other than the emission control system), so that it can operate as reliably as ever.

Running out of adblue with your CAT machine on a worksite?

Our software applications enable us to intervene on almost all machines equipped with Cummins engines directly via the OBD diagnostic socket or the Cummins socket. If your Cummins engine runs out of adblue in unsuitable conditions, our service team is on call 24 hours a day to help you. However, due to the high demand for our services, we sometimes have to extend our response times by 24 hours.

To know When we intervene

  • If possible, we need a sheltered area. We work on the electronic management module and sometimes need to disconnect its connectors. Humidity is no friend of electronics.
  • A 220V outlet may be necessary, although we have our own transformer.
  • If we have any questions, it's always best to have a technical person present, or someone familiar with the machine in question. We are familiar with Cummins engines, but the proprietary control systems and menus differ for each brand. We don't know them all by heart.
  • Before the trip, we'll ask you to take a photo of the messages on the vehicle's dashboard, as well as a photo of the engine identification plate, and even a photo of the machine itself and its exact make and model, to make it easier for us to prepare the program in advance.
  • Our expertise in CATERPILLAR management systems is second to none. If we can intervene, you'll be on your way as soon as the appointment is over.
  • We usually do a few minutes or hours of testing in the company of the machine operator to validate that the machine is working properly again.
  • Under no circumstances our program can be modified, UNLESS you go to your dealer and he flashes the engine ECU, i.e. replaces our modified software with a factory update.
  • You can read and delete faults not related to Adblue or the emission control system, but faults related to SCR DPF or EGR will no longer be displayed.
  • If our programming is erased by mistake, you don't have to pay the full amount again. But 50%. This being the case, we strongly advise you to stipulate that you do not update the motor management unit, especially as some new versions may prevent us from reconfiguring certain functions following a factory version that is too recent.
  • We travel all over the world to fix issues
  • A deposit is required for any intervention, so that we don't come to you for nothing.
  • We accept credit card payments on site
  • The intervention can last between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the system.

Example of our work on some machines