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McCloskey Volvo Penta

Solutions pour machines avec DPF et SCR AdBlue montés sur base moteur Volvo Penta D8 D11 D13 et D16

Troubleshooting system on McCloskey & Volvo Penta machines

McCloskey also complies with standards by introducing the bête noire that everyone dreads, the particulate filter and its sidekick, the AdBlue system, on its new machines. On this page, we'll be talking about machines equipped with Volvo Penta D8, D11, D13 and D16 engines. These work with an exhaust gas treatment control module known as ACM (After Treatment Control Module), branded continental version 2.1 for technical details. They therefore comply with Tier 4F, Stage 4 and Stage 5 standards. These systems can sometimes fail - no one's perfect - and cause major losses for quarry managers.

McCloskey and Volvo Penta AdBlue problem. Which machines do we support?

Please note that we are able to support all Volvo Penta engine-equipped models on recent machines, the first of which did not have a DPF/DOC/SCR system. We'll try to summarize all the machines below. If you own a Volvo Penta machine not listed that works with AdBue and DPF, please let us know.

  • Minimum emission standard = Tier 4F St4
  • J45 J50 C2 C2R C3 C3R C4 I34 crushers equipped with Volvo Penta D8 D11 D13 and D16 engines
  • I44Rv3 I54Rv3 impact crushers also equipped with Volvo Penta engines
  • Trommels equipped with Volvo Penta engines
  • Screens equipped with Volvo Penta engines

Main features and functions of the emulation module

  • No or more FAP/SCR faults
  • No more torque reduction and power loss
  • New technology! Plug & Play connector, replaces original ACM ECU.
  • HCDEA™ - HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA™ - HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm
  • Reversibility: you can return your vehicle to its original configuration at any time once the repair has been completed.

How to replace the original ACM box with our own?

Our module is designed to plug in exactly in place of the original ACM module. The connector for our troubleshooting solution is ordered from the same supplier as the one fitted to your McCloskey machine, so assembly is simple and plug and play. Disconnect, Connect, Lock. The electronic part managing the AdBlue system is located at the top of the box and takes over from the original ACM ECU.

Common faults and symptoms on Albach Diamant 2000

Fault codes found on McCloskey machines

Defects found on McCloskey machines The faults recorded in the memory correspond to a lack of AdBlue or poor AdBlue quality. Using the Volvo Penta case, we can diagnose the exact cause, but in any case, our box will solve all your problems.

Diagnostics on specific Volvo Penta socket

As with many agricultural and industrial machines, diagnostic sockets are different from those on the road, where OBD2 has reigned for over 20 years. Only our specific tools are capable of dialoguing with the latest machines.

Adblue Faults on Volvo CE vehicles (Penta SCR + DPF)

As with vehicles equipped with Volvo Euro 6 engines, when faults are present in the system you lose torque, power and therefore, to take the example of a Diamant 2000, a reduced shredding force that makes it almost impossible to work. A restriction of the maximum driving speed may also occur, making it impossible for the vehicle to exceed 20 km/h. Our gearboxes are compatible with all Volvo CE vehicles meeting Tier 4 Final and Tier 5 standards. Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Pipelayers...