NEW : All Machines CATERPILLAR , CAT and CAT Engines supported


SOLUTIONS Renault & Volvo Euro 6 EMS2.3 & EMS2.4

DPF SCR EGR Torque Power Economy

Scania solutions from Euro 4 to latest 2022 Euro 6

Power, Custom Exhaust, Torque, SCR DPF Fault, Open pipes, Valves, VGT Off

Cummins engine and Adblue - All our deleting solutions

Dépannage, Suppression temporaire ou définitive de la limitation de couple et de la puissance ainsi que du système. LIMP Mode off, Definitive delete of SCR EGr DPF System. Torque and Power amelioration



Nous vous avons parlé de Renault et Volvo mais nous avons également des solutions pour les autres marques. Man, Daf, Scania, Iveco, Mercedes, Mack... We are able to work on all Euro 6 Trucks from all Brands. Don't hesitate to have a look on our special page.

Albach Diamant 2000

Exclusive solutions for D16J engines fitted on Albach Diamant 2000. (We also have solutions for Albach with MAN engines)

SpecialVolvo CE

All available models for Volvo CE Penta Engines. Avoid torque llimitation and power restriction.

Tier 4F et Tier 5

All our solutions for old and new Volvo CE machines and Volvo Penta Engines

Nos dernières interventions man

Volvo Euro 6
Volvo CE & Tier 4F Engines
Other Euro 6
Other Euro 5

Always a pleasure towork with you. Be sure I will talk about your compagny to my friends. Our mining engine runs like a charm right now. Many thanks from Ghana.

Mamad Oudaka


Before our solution

  • Couldn't overtake
  • Very low power
  • Max Speed 20km/h
  • Excessive smokes
  • Engine derates
  • Need to go to dealer almost daily to clear DTC
  • If only DTC clearing, can appear few km later.
  • Fixing solution can cost thousand of $$$ and lot of time

After our process

  • Vehicle usable
  • Full Power and Torque engine available
  • No more LIMP mode at 20km/h
  • No more smokes
  • No more derates or Limp related to emissions (definitely removed)
  • No more needed to go to dealer for emission issues
  • Drive as far as you want
  • Custom programmation of the vehicle
  • Power increased is possible

This emulation system allows you to repair AdBlue for your Renault or Volvo Euro 6 vehicle. However, in some countries it is forbidden to drive with an AdBlue system removed. Our process allows you to join a workshop to repair the faulty components. We also have solutions for other makes of vehicles. Note that we mainly sell our solutions for vehicles driven in countries not subjected to Euro standards, we cannot be responsible for the use you make of them in the long term.

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