website is conterfeit and does not belong to - don't buy solutions from them - They are scammers

MENU website is conterfeit and does not belong to - don't buy solutions from them - They are scammers



NEW SCANIA V8 530 590 660 770

Exclusives solutions for Power increase and Emission control removing.

Tune your Scania

By a qualified professional

Over 200 Scania trucks reprogrammed every year for the most passionate of you.

Reprogram your Scania to unlock its full potential. Increase torque, power, decrease fuel consumption and adblue.

Our tested and approved solutions will allow you to rediscover your Scania and enjoy even more driving it. We work on all models from 164 to the latest V8 770

Agricultural and Forestry

Unique solutions

Adblue-services is also specialized in reprogramming and removing AdBlue on agricultural vehicles such as tractors, combines, silage harvesters, as well as forestry machines such as feller bunchers or carriers.

Our nationally and internationally recognized experience will allow you to solve all your emission problems.

Interventions on public works and mining equipment

Lot of supported brands

Possible interventions on construction equipment such as excavators, loaders, excavators, dump trucks, pipeliners, road milling machines, finishers, drilling machines, graders...

The AdBlue system is a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that is used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the exhaust gases of certain diesel vehicles. It can be used on a variety of vehicles, including construction equipment. It is possible that some construction equipment may be equipped with an AdBlue system, but this depends on the model and manufacturer. If you want to know if a particular piece of construction equipment is equipped with an AdBlue system, you should contact us directly.

Special emission delete on caterpillar

We fix all your emission issues with our special tuned programs and advanced CAT Software

We have all CATERPILLAR software. This means we have permission to enter the computers in research and development mode and thus modify all existing parameters as it is possible to do during the creation of the equipment. The Adem 4, Adem 5, and Adem 6 engine computers are supported.

Reliable solutions, we move all over the world to provide our best services.


All Euro 6 models supported

  • Power and torque reprogramming
  • Fuel consumption management
  • Removal of DPF and Adblue devices for export
  • A wide range of options available

Our specialized technician will cross the world for you to offer the best programmations.

Handling equipment

Each equipment has a solution

Our experience has led us to solve problems on handling equipment such as forklifts, telescopic handlers, container cranes and all related lifting equipment.

We can work on almost all existing brands to solve AdBlue and emission problems.